Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I have always stopped myself from posting because it just seems like such a plug for a product, but I'm going to post this time because I think it's truly worth it. For any of you Crunk Juice fan's, and maybe even some fans-to-be, he has a cd coming out this spring called Crunk Juice. How do I know? Well, because he's my brother-in-law (thus the hesitation to post) But if any of you have heard him. On another note, I think my favorite book of my mothers hers is her Mother Goose because it's just so FUN! There's an image carried over from wach page onto the next, so it becomes a game to spot what she carried over. A close second is Snug as a bug, but probably mostly because we decorated and painted our nursery with scenes out of it. Anyway, if you ever want to see more of her work, she has a website at www.sylvia-long.com , but you can find her books at any of the big bookstores. Enjoy!!